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For Faith Leaders

Dear Faith Leader:

Please find links below to free resources for your use.  These four brief articles may be utilized both as worship program inserts and congregational newsletter items. They are suitable either for print or online electronic media. Copyright permission is granted for maximal use by all faith communities.  They are provided as a community service by St. John Health, and in conjunction with Duke Divinity School’s Institute on Care at the End of Life.

As you will note, the series addresses issues of growing significance to each of us who live and die in medically high-tech America. Articles in the A Different Kind of Holiday Gift series may be distributed or published in any sequence. We suggest the following order:

  1. Advance Directives: Conversation that is Courageous and Caring
  2. Palliative Care: Comfort for Those Who Don’t Want to Hurt
  3. Hospice: Comfort Care with Competence and Compassion
  4. Bereavement: Grieving Individually, But Not All Alone

We hope you will use and find useful these new resources. We are grateful for your partnership in a mission to improve care for patients, congregants, family members, friends or neighbors—for all who are seriously ill or dying.

For more information about the articles or to inquire on how to become involved in our fatih community partnership please contact Liz DiStefano, Palliative Care Coordinator, 586-753-1260.


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Circle of Life Award
St. John Providence Health System has been awarded the prestigious Circle of Life Award from the major national organizations involved in palliative care.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care