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St. John Providence Virtual Spine Center

St. John Providence Virtual Spine Center

No one should have to suffer through back and neck pain. The experts at St. John Providence Health System's Spine Centers provide a unique process for evaluating your back and spine conditions. We tailor an effective treatment plan that offers you state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical options, including pain management, rehab and healing arts.

We understand that you want to return to living your life, and we’re committed to addressing your situation with skill, care, and urgency.

That’s where the St. John Providence Health System Van Elslander Neuroscience Center of Excellence can help.

The St. John Providence Virtual Spine Center facilitates the development and implementation of individualized treatment plans. We do this through evidence-based triage and expedited evaluation by an expert spine surgeon. Through collaboration and communication, the Virtual Spine Center is able to enhance patient access, treatment times and, ultimately, patient and physician satisfaction.

The Virtual Spine Center compiles a comprehensive medical history of a patient’s neck and/or back pain over the phone. Results of diagnostic testing that may have already been performed are collected. In most cases, we retrieve MRI films for the patient as an added convenience. Whenever possible, we also complete the necessary preauthorization for insurance.

Patient information is then sent to one of our spine specialists for priority review, which results in a treatment plan designed specifically for the individual patient. This may include an office consultation, additional treatment, such as physical therapy, or additional testing.

The Virtual Spine Center then contacts the patient and coordinates the recommended treatment plan. When diagnostic testing or physical therapy is recommended, we work to schedule appointments for these services in the location as convenient for the patient as possible. If a patient needs an appointment with one of our spine specialists, we facilitate and coordinate the visit.

You can be confident in knowing that our neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons specialize in a broad range of surgical procedures, including minimally invasive spine surgery, spine fusion, complex spine surgery and spine-revision surgery.

Surgical Options

When your spine condition warrants a surgical procedure, St. John Providence Health System's team of surgeons and specialists are among the best.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Often referred to as surgery "through the scope," minimally invasive options can effectively treat spinal deformity, tumor, trauma or degenerative disease. Since minimally invasive endoscopic surgery only requires small incisions that don’t disturb surrounding healthy tissue, the benefits include quicker recovery, less pain and improvement of postoperative outcomes.

Not all patients are candidates for minimally invasive spine surgery. Through careful screening and diagnosis, a skilled and experienced St. John Providence Health System surgeon will determine if the procedure is right for you.

Complex Spine Surgery

Each year thousands of patients undergo complex cervical spine surgery to treat disorders ranging from degenerative disc disease to spinal deformity and consists of a spinal fusion to ensure an effective postoperative outcome. Similar to other types of surgery, complex spine surgery requires precise diagnosis and careful preoperative planning. The experienced surgeons and staff at St. John Providence Health System have the expertise to eliminate risks and ensure the best possible outcomes.

St. John Providence Spine Surgery Locations

Spine Surgery is available at the locations below. Learn more by calling 866-501-DOCS (3627).

  • St. John Hospital and Medical Center - Detroit
  • Providence Hospital - Southfield
  • Providence Park Hospital - Novi
  • St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital - Warren
  • St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital - Madison Heights
  • St. John River District Hospital - East China 


Meet Our Surgeons

Ryan Barrett, DO Ryan Barrett, DO
Neurosurgeon (Providence, Providence Park)
Peter Bono, DO Peter Bono, DO
Spine Orthopedic Surgeon (Providence, Providence Park)
Roderick Claybrooks, MD Roderick Claybrooks, MD
Spine Orthopedic Surgeon (Providence, Providence Park)
Daniel Elskens, MD Daniel Elskens, MD
Neurosurgeon (St. John Hospital)
Richard Fessler, MD Richard Fessler, MD
Neurosurgeon (St. John Hospital, Providence, Providence Park)
Devon Hoover, MD Devon Hoover, MD
Neurosurgeon (St. John Hospital)
Glenn Minster, MD Glenn Minster, MD
Spine Orthopedic Surgeon (St. John Hospital)
  Omar Qahwash, DO
Neurosurgeon (St. John Hospital, Providence, Providence Park)
Boyd Richards, DO Boyd Richards, DO
Neurosurgeon (St. John Hospital, Providence, Providence Park)
Kanwaldeep Sidhu, MD Kanwaldeep Sidhu, MD
Spine Orthopedic Surgeon (St. John Hospital)
Teck- Mun Soo, MD Teck- Mun Soo, MD
Neurosurgeon (Providence, Providence Park)
Richard Veyna, MD Richard Veyna, MD
Neurosurgeon (St. John Hospital, St John River District)


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If you or someone you love has a back or spine condition, the St. John Providence Virtual Spine Center is here to help.
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