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Providence /U of M Prostate Implant Program

In a joint venture partnership with the University of Michigan, the Providence Cancer Institute delivers ground-breaking clinical care while maintaining the convenience and personal touch of a community hospital. Through this clinical partnership,patients and clinicians have access to valuable research, education, and second opinions for various forms of cancer.  Men with prostate cancer have benefited in several ways from this close partnership, including involvement in an active research program focusing on prostate seed implant quality.  For information about this and other Providence advances in prostate cancer, please click on any of the following links.  

Prostate Implant Overview :
Total Quality; History; Implant Procedure; Clinical Course; Implant Treatments; Candidates

Prostate Implant Quality :
Quality Matters; Challenges and Solutions

Prostate Cancer and Quality of Life :
Therapy Side Effects; Long-term Effects; Complications; Scoring Symptoms; Quality of Life Surveys; Dosimetry & Life Quality

Partin Table
Calculator and Treatment Decision Plan (tool to assist visualization of extent and severity of diagnosis)

Prostate Cancer Evaluation :
Tumor Factors Defining the Extent and Severity of Cancer; Combining Grade, Stage, and PSA Factors - The Partin Method; Combining Grade, Stage, and PSA Factors - The Risk Category Approach


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