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Obstetrics and Gynecology Training

First Year Training Program

  • Obstetrics - 4 months
  • Gynecology - 2 months
  • Nights - 2 months
  • Emergency Medicine - 1 month
  • Neonatal & Postpartum Care - 1 month
  • Int. Med. Outpatient Clinic - 1 month
  • Medical Intensive Care Unit - 1 month

While on the Obstetric and Gynecology services, PGY1 residents receive instruction and supervision as they improve their skills with regard to patient evaluation and procedures.  The Nights rotations are weekday, nights-only rotations during which the PGY1 works to cover the OB and/or GYN patients overnight.  One month is spent in the Emergency Room under the supervision of full-time ER faculty to learn principles of acute medical care as part of an ambulatory experience.  One month in the Outpatient Internal Medicine Clinic and one month in the MICU are provided.  The Neonatal and Postpartum Care rotation includes obtaining certification in neonatal resuscitation as well as attending the lactation clinic and working with lactation consultants on postpartum rounds.

In addition, intensive OB ultrasound training begins in the first year during OB rotations with time dedicated to performing and observing ultrasounds with our ultrasound instructor.  Gynecologic ultrasound training is also a vital component of the formal ultrasound-training program.

PGY1 residents are assigned to a continuity of care clinic immediately.  The residents follow the progress of patients, which will often include participating in the patient’s delivery or surgery.

Second-Year Training Program

Second-year training consists of:

  • Obstetrics - 4 months
  • Gynecology - 4 months
  • Nights - 2 months
  • Internal Medicine Outpatient Clinic - 1 month
  • Gynecologic Oncology - 1 month

On the Obstetric service, second-year residents are in charge in the absence of a more senior resident.  They are expected to scrub and perform cesarean sections under the direction of the medical staff.  As their ability improves, they are given greater responsibility and are permitted to perform instrumental deliveries under the direct supervision of the medical staff.  Most of the cesarean sections on private as well as clinic service are done by first- and second-year residents.  With the full-time medical staff and other residents, they make daily rounds on their assigned patients and all complicated cases.  They assume increasing responsibility in the high-risk clinic.  One month of ambulatory Internal Medicine is also included in a private internist’s office along with another month in the Internal Medicine Outpatient Clinic.

PGY2’s participate in the Gynecology Oncology service in a junior resident role.  This allows early exposure to the specialty with the opportunity to begin learning oncology principles.

Second year residents participate in an area-wide organized oral board preparation exam.

Third-Year Training Program

Third-year training consists of:

  • Obstetrics - 2 months
  • Gynecology - 1 month
  • Nights - 2 months
  • Reproductive Genetics - 2 weeks
  • GYN Urology - 2 weeks
  • Gynecologic Oncology - 2 months
  • Reproductive Endocrinology - 2 months
  • Maternal-Fetal Medicine - 2 months
  • Internal Medicine Outpatient Clinic - 1 month

PGY3 residents spend most of their year rotating through the OB/GYN subspecialties.  Experiences are provided in Genetics, GYN Urology, and Reproductive Endocrinology.  Two months are spent as Chief of the Gyn Onc service and two months as Chief of the MFM service.  After two months of primary care in the prior two years, a final month in the Internal Medicine Outpatient Clinic is provided in this third year. 

Third-year residents participate in an area-wide organized oral board preparation exam.

Fourth-Year Training Program

Fourth-year training consists of:

  • Obstetrics - 4 months
  • Gynecology - 5 months
  • GYN Urology - 1 month
  • Gynecologic Oncology - 1 month
  • Maternal-Fetal Medicine - 1 month

Senior residents are responsible for their service at all times, under the guidance of the full-time Faculty.  They assume direct responsibility for all clinic, staff, private and maternal transfer patients admitted to the service and assign responsibilities to their junior residents.  They are responsible for coordinating the instruction of all residents and medical students on their service.  Senior GYN residents perform a large number of major GYN surgical procedures under the supervision of the staff instructors and private attendings.  They are responsible for the selection of cases and topics for the regular morbidity/mortality conferences.

They attend the Quality Assurance Committee, Department Education Committee, Graduate Medical Education Committee, and the weekly NICU Conference.  Fourth-year residents participate in the OHEP mock oral board preparation exams.

For more information or an application, please call the Graduate Medical Education Department at 313-343-3875 or, visit us on the web at www.stjohnprovidence.org/gme/