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The new St. John Hospital Emergency Center

To better serve the community, St. John Hospital and Medical Center (SJH&MC) finished a complete renovation of our Emergency Center on January 22, 2009.   

SJH&MC has long been known for clinical excellence in Emergency Medicine…for lifesaving action in a trauma, partnership with cardiac care during a heart attack, or comprehensive diagnoses for sudden pain. But we’re also here for efficient treatment of non-threatening emergencies like broken bones, off-hours illnesses when your physician isn’t available, or stitches for deep cuts.  

Most importantly, we’ve made many improvements to our healing environment to make the Emergency Center experience a better one for you. Click on the links to learn more.

How many patients were seen at SJH&MC’s Emergency Center in 2011?
A. 60,000
B. 75,000
C. 110,000

What percent of patients that come to the SJH&MC Emergency Center get admitted?
A. 45 percent
B. 67 percent
C. 19 percent

What is the average turnaround time if you are going to be discharged?
A. 6.2 hours
B. 5.5 hours
C. 3.1 hours

What is the average time to get to your bed upstairs if admitted?
A. 9.6 hours
B. 10.2 hours
C. 5.7 hours 

How many patients came to the SJH&MC Emergency Center complaining of chest pain in 2011?
A. 500
B. 15,000
C. 6000

What’s the average number of ambulances that come to the SJH&MC Emergency each day?
A. 400
B. 20
C. 85

What percentage of nurses at SJH&MC’s Emergency Center have received Advanced Cardiac Life Support training?
A. 40 percent
B. 80 percent
C. 100 percent

How many physicians work at the SJH&MC Emergency Center?
A. under 10
B. approximately 25
C.more than 40

What percentage of the SJH&MC Emergency Center physician are board certified in Emergency Medicine or Pediatric Emergency Medicine?
A. half
B. three-quarters
C. Every single one

If you answered “C” to each question, you’d be correct! Some of the statistics are staggering. But even with the large numbers of people choosing SJH&MC for their emergency care, the renovations and new focus on patient amenity make patients feel welcome, cared for, and comfortable. “When combined with our reputation for clinical excellence, we believe that SJH&MC is THE choice for eastside residents when they have an emergent medical need,” said Robert Takla, MD, Medical Director and Chair, Emergency Medicine.


Find a Physician

St. John Hospital and Medical Center Guild Emergency Center recognized for exceptional, innovative performance

Emergency Nurses Association Lantern Award

The Physician Loyalty Program for patients

Patients of our loyal family medicine and internal medicine physicians are invited to participate in the Loyalty program at St. John Hospital and Medical Center. With your free membership, your emergency experience will be more comfortable and more personal. And, after receiving a physician order, simply call us at 800-801-8882 and one of our associates will schedule any necessary tests within 48 hours. Simply call us at 313-343-3349 to enroll.