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Leukemia - General

Leukemia is cancer of the blood cells—usually the white blood cells. Doctors divide leukemia into four main types, and those four into several subtypes.


When a person has leukemia, the body produces too many blood cells of one type. These abnormal cells, usually white blood cells, look different from normal blood cells and do not function correctly.

Understanding Your Diagnosis

During a physical exam, your doctor may check for swelling in certain areas of the body and may order blood tests to rule out other medical conditions. A bone marrow biopsy is the only way to find out for sure if you have leukemia.

Deciding on Treatment

Your treatment plan depends on the type of leukemia you have. Your health care team will provide information about your treatment options, including the benefits and side effects.

Managing Side Effects

Side effects are common during treatment for leukemia, but they vary from person to person. Your doctor will work to ease any side effects that you experience.


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