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Clinical Trials and Research

Today’s Research. Tomorrow’s Results.

We are committed to deepening the understanding and treatment of cancer, through clinical trials and bench research, both of which are encouraged and fostered through our Cancer Care Center of Excellence.

Research discoveries, things leaned in the laboratory environment, can lead to clinical trials which in turn can lead to new ways to fight cancer.

Clinical trials are research studies conducted with patients or with healthy people. They are designed to answer specific questions about the effectiveness of new ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat cancer. Today’s clinical trials lead to tomorrow’s standard of care. Clinical trials may evaluate a new drug, radiation oncology, or other treatment methods. They may also study commonly prescribed medications used in new combinations or administered in different ways.

It is through clinical trials that the greatest amount of information has been learned about cancer treatments presently being used. Clinical trials provide a way to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a promising new treatment or further evaluate standard treatments so that better treatments may become available.

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