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Text Relay Service for the Hearing Impaired

Free Text Relay for people with hearing loss or a speech disability
Click to use this feature

St. John Providence Health System is committed to providing equal access to communication technology for all our patients and visitors who may be deaf, have hearing loss or a speech disability. To help us fulfill our commitment, we offer an online text relay service. 

This services make communication easier for people with hearing loss or a speech disability. It is an easy way for people who have hearing loss or speech disabilities to make a call, and never miss a word.

Click on the icon at right to get started or read below for more information.

Note: When you make your call, a call window will pop up. If you have a pop-up blocker turned on, you will need to turn it off to see this call window.

What is Text Relay?

A federally funded and regulated service designed to make it easy for people with hearing loss or a speech disability to place phone calls

  • Relay calls are free to the caller and called party – local and long distance
  • Relay calls are 100% confidential

Text Relay 

How it Works

Using a web enabled PC, the relay user types their side of the conversation while the operator reads it aloud to the called party. When the called party responds, the operator types their spoken words to the relay user, enabling them to read the spoken side of the conversation.

What To Expect On Your Call

When you start your call, you'll connect to an operator. The operator will dial the number you entered, and start the call. You will type what you'd like to say, and the person you're calling will hear the operator speak what you type. When the person you're calling speaks, you will be able to read what they say because the operator will type it out verbatim.


Find a Physician

Free Text Relay for people with hearing loss or a speech disability

Click to learn more about our Text Relay feature for the hearing impaired

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