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Care for High Risk Mothers

High risk preganancy care at Providence Hospital in SouthfieldDecades ago, most women began their families in their late teens or early twenties. Today, many women wait until their thirties or forties before beginning families. Providence offers comprehensive obstetrical services by maternal-fetal medicine specialists for these women, as well as for women classified as “high risk.” This classification could result from diabetes, hypertension, blood disorders, substance abuse, recurrent and unexplained pregnancy loss, previous delivery of a premature baby or a baby with a birth defect.

Gestational Diabetes Program

Women who have diabetes or who develop diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes) need special medical attention during their pregnancies. Their infants also may require special care. At Providence, our specialists in maternal-fetal medicine have extensive experience in managing diabetes and gestational diabetes. They work with expectant mothers and Hospital support staff to plan care and develop an appropriate nutritional program. Our fully accredited diabetes outpatient program provides support services, education and after-care for women who remain diabetic following pregnancy. Providence neonatologists can provide the special care needed by some infants born to mothers with diabetes or gestational diabetes.

Antenatal Unit

Providence’s antenatal unit for high-risk mothers and their unborn babies provides the special care some patients require prior to delivery. The unit combines electronic fetal monitoring with sophisticated ultrasound and doppler technology. And Providence offers not only medical support to these patients: Physicians and nurses specially trained in high-risk pregnancies provide emotional support and care with great sensitivity during a time that can be very stressful for the mother and her family. Our perinatal social worker is available to assist you with identifying other resources you may need.


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