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Webber Healing Arts Center

The goal of the Webber Healing Arts Center is to promote health and wellness using methods that complement conventional practices, helping to achieve a level of health and wellness that reaches beyond the absence of disease.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine, also known as CAM, is designed to be in harmony with conventional health care and not intended as a replacement for it. At the Webber Healing Arts Center we offer information, education, complementary and alternative options. By integrating these with standard care, people have and can make their own choices regarding their health and wellness according to their own lifestyle and belief system.

We offer health and wellness appointments such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy and massage; a variety of classes including yoga, tai chi, feldenkrais and reiki. Other offerings include: Stress Less, Rhythm & Movement, Chakras, Life-Coaching and Aromatherapy. Annual events include the Webber Women’s Conference and our Autumn Retreat.


This practice involves applying pressure (by hand) to points on bare feet, stimulating energy by a reflex action to a related muscle/organ, thus encouraging the body’s own healing process. Reflexology is helpful for relieving stress, fatigue, digestive or menstrual irregularities, aches, pains, neck/back strains, headaches, sinus, and sciatica.
1-hour $55


Techniques complement conventional treatments in care of chronic illness and can help relieve mental and emotional stress, muscle tension and stiffness. Increase relaxation, improve circulation of blood and lymph fluids, reduce blood pressure, strengthen immune system, and promote mental clarity and calm.
30 minutes $30; 1 hour $55; ($50 for associates)

Prenatal Massage

Preparing for labor – Massage can help you prepare for the birthing process in at least two ways. First, through massage you can increase your awareness of tension in your body and learn how to consciously release it. You can also prepare for labor by practicing focus, breathing, and relaxation techniques while a tender area is being massaged. The result will be increased confidence and control during labor. You must be in at least your 2nd trimester, and have written permission from your physician to have a prenatal massage.


30 minutes $30; 1 hour $65; ($60 for associates)

Please Note

  • These services are appropriate for acute and chronic conditions, as well as those who are looking to improve their health and wellness. Techniques are designed to be in harmony with other forms of health care and are NOT intended as replacement for them.
  • All appointments begin at the time scheduled. Consultation, technique provided, on and off table time is included in the time frame reserved for you. If you are late for your scheduled appointment, your therapist will NOT be able to run over the time allocated for your appointment. You are responsible for your reserved appointment time and full payment is expected. No refunds will be given for missed appointments or cancellations with less than 24-hour notice.
  • Gift certificates are available in any denomination and may be used toward any services or products.


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Webber Healing Arts Center
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