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Complementary Care Services

When you’re cared for at the Van Elslander Cancer Center by our expert team of physicians and staff, you know you will be getting state-of-the-art cancer treatment. While that is very reassuring, many patients also want to know what they can do for themselves to impact their own healing. The diagnosis of cancer is overwhelming. Every part of who we are—our body, mind and spirit, is touched by anxiety and fear of the unknown. Those close to the patient may also experience these same feelings.

There is a growing body of information that shows that various complementary therapies such as guided imagery, reflexology, music therapy, social work, nutrition and various mind-body techniques can help decrease side effects of cancer treatments, improve coping skills, reduce stress and enhance quality of life.

The Van Elslander Cancer Center offers complementary care services that provide an environment where all people, not only those diagnosed with cancer, may experience programs that complement medical care and focus on the healing of the body, mind and spirit. This integrative approach provides a healing partnership between physicians, their patients and the Van Elslander Cancer Center creating an effective, comprehensive program of care.

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