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Updates & Innovations Winter 2014

St. John Providence offers microvascular surgery for the head and neck

Microvascular surgery for head and neck oncologic and traumatic defects is rapidly becoming one of the most used modalities to allow patients to return to normal function as quickly as possible. Microvascular surgery, or tissue auto-transplantation with vascular anastomosis, enables us to minimize disfigurement, increase quality of life and enhance the patients’ ability to speak, eat and swallow following surgery.

Image-guided technology enhances endoscopic sinus surgery

In the last decade, the advent of real-time image-guided technology has reduced complications and become the new standard for endoscopic sinus surgery to enlarge drainage pathways and remove polyps.

Provider network connects patients with skilled nursing care

St. John Providence Health System (SJPHS) has established a Skilled Nursing Care Preferred Provider Network to ensure that patients have easy access to skilled nursing facilities, an important part of the care continuum. This network includes 28 skilled nursing facilities in southeast Michigan. Several of the facilities are part of nursing home systems. In creating the network, SJPHS concentrated on facilities where we already established relationships and had positive experiences. These facilities demonstrated willingness to work with the SJPHS on quality metrics on behalf of patients and families. More facilities will be added to the network and if necessary, removed, based on quality metrics.

Providence Hospital – 12-time award winner in heart care

For the 12th time, Providence Hospital is ranked as one of the Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospitals in the United States for heart care, according to an independent national study conducted by Truven Health Analytics. Providence is one of only 15 hospitals in the country and the only hospital in Michigan ranked in the category of Teaching Hospitals with Cardiovascular Residency.

Skin graft substitutes speed wound healing

Patients typically experience chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds due to diabetes, venous stasis, arterial flow and other factors that reduce circulation. Delayed healing can also result from radiation therapy, deep-seated infections and crush injuries to soft tissue. The St. John Providence Center for Wound and Hyperbaric Medicine offers advanced modalities such as skin graft substitutes and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to promote wound healing.

Preventing malnutrition and weight loss in elderly patients

In the United States, the elderly population is expected to double and reach approximately 72 million by 2030 (NIH, 2006). Addressing the more complex needs of the older adult, including nutritional needs, is an important public health issue.

Surgical evaluation and therapy for pancreatic and biliary cancers

Surgical resection remains the only hopeful chance for cure in patients with pancreatic and biliary tract cancers. Despite recent improvements in surgical techniques that have led to reduced morbidity and mortality, one article* revealed that only 30 percent of patients with pancreatic lesions ever visit a surgeon. This may indicate a lack of access to specialty providers or an inadequate understanding of available resources and treatments. The goal of this article is to update health care providers on the evaluation and management of patients with pancreatic and biliary cancers in a cost-effective manner.


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