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  Reach a Chaplain at St. John

>St. John Hospital: 313-343-7850
>St. John Providence Hospital: 248-849-3209
>St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital: 586-573-5018

Helping and healing after loss

St. John Providence Health System provides support groups, spiritual care (pastoral care) and social workers to assist families facing difficult and painful situations such as serious illness and death of a loved one. For information about services for families and patients, see Patient Support Services.

Additionally, Open Arms, a grieving children’s support and prevention program, helps children of all ages and their family members normalize grief and embrace life again by learning to cope with feelings of sadness, anger, or frustration. 


Wellness Library

When a Family Grieves
Learning about grief and how it affects your family can help you get through the difficult times together. It may even help your family grow stronger.

Adult Health Library

Grief and Loss
Grief moves in and out of stages from disbelief and denial, to anger and guilt, to finding a source of comfort, to eventually adjusting to the loss.

All Pediatric Health Library articles (5 items)Pediatric Health Library

Anticipatory Grief
Anticipatory grief is similar to the normal process of mourning, but it occurs before the actual death.

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