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Sophisticated heart scanner will give better cardiac views

St. John Health offers unparalleled cardiovascular diagnostic imagery with new GE LightSpeed Volume Computer Tomography (VCT) scanner.

The new equipment allows three-dimensional, comprehensive views of the heart and coronary arteries in the time it takes for the heart to beat five times. This helps reduce beat-to-beat variability, resulting in more robust, repeatable procedures, greater vessel visualization and shorter breath holds for sick patients.

At the same time, VCT allows physicians, in one single scan, to obtain adequate information to detect three of the most life-threatening critical conditions in chest pain: aortic dissection, pulmonary embolism and coronary artery disease.

VCT also allows doctors to assess possible stroke patients with a single, real-time scan that provides detailed views of brain anatomy and blood flow to the brain. This allows faster diagnosis and treatment, which are critical to successful care of stroke patients.

“In cases involving cardiovascular incidents – stroke or heart attacks – patient safety and comfort are our utmost concerns,” says Thomas LaLonde, MD, a cardiologist specializing in clinical, invasive and interventional cardiology at SJH&MC.

“This CT scanner takes us to the leading edge. We can provide the best care in the shortest possible time – two factors that save lives.”

The LightSpeed VCT can complete the entire body scan in less than 10 seconds, faster than any other CT scanner on the market today. It also provides the highest and most accurate imagery of organs and 16-frame-per-second reconstruction for viewing, which equals real-time imagery, even of a beating heart.

“When a patient comes in with a critical condition, we want to be able to know as much as possible, as quickly as possible. This CT allows staff to obtain the critical information they need, quickly, while remaining focused solely on patient care,” Dr. LaLonde adds.

For more information on the GE LightSpeed VCT scanner, call 1-800-801-8882.





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