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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation is an outpatient program that combines exercise and education to help people with heart disease make positive lifestyle changes. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals includes registered nurses, exercise physiologists, a registered dietitian, a medical social worker, a cardiologist, a psychologist, and a lipidologist.

How do I get started?

Tell your doctor or healthcare provider that you are interested in Cardiac Rehabilitation or call us and we will contact your physician for you. Your doctor’s approval is needed to get started in Cardiac Rehabilitation. A member of our staff will meet with you to develop a plan and answer any questions.

Can cardiac rehab help me?

Our mission is to assist you in restoring and maintaining your optimum physiological, spiritual, social, vocational and emotional well being. Almost anyone with heart disease can benefit from Cardiac Rehabilitation. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased confidence in your ability to return to physical activities. Exercise can get you back to work and other activities sooner.
  • Improved strength and energy. Exercise tones your muscles, improves your energy level and lifts your spirits. It helps your heart work more efficiently.
  • Better understanding of your heart condition. You’ll learn how to reduce your risk for future heart problems.
  • Support to help you make changes in your life. Emotional support can help you adjust to a new lifestyle and work through your fears about the future.

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