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Surgical Services at Providence & Providence Park Hospitals

The Department of Surgery for Providence Hospital provides for over 24,000 surgical and more than 6,500 endoscopy procedures annually. This care is currently provided by over 300 surgeons, including general and subspecialists, and almost 30 gastroenterologists serving both campuses (Novi & Southfield).

Southfield houses 19 operating rooms, a procedure room, a comprehensively equipped endovascular suite in radiology, and 5 endoscopy suites for gastroenterology care. The operating room arena is relatively new in that renovations were complete approximately 7 years ago; the endoscopy site within the past five years. New technology has been added annually in all areas to improve quality and remain current with trends providing for the minimally invasive surgical care our consumers demand.

Recent capital acquisitions for the Southfield campus include a Stealth (Neurosurgical GPS), Bi-Plane and Single-Plane Units to facilitate minimally invasive peripheral vascular and intracranial vascular procedures, a daVinci robot for radical prostatectomies and robotic assisted gynecologic care, and the Spy-Glass in endoscopy which provides for improved visualization and care of the gastrointestinal system.

The new Novi campus includes an additional ten operating rooms and two procedure rooms within the hospital, and another five rooms in the new Novi Bone and Joint Center which is located on the campus and provides for outpatient musculoskeletal surgical care. The ten suites within the main hospital Novi possess state of the art audiovisual equipment and are expansive in size; one suite is large enough to house an intra-operative MRI unit.

The Department of Surgery has a large complement of general surgeons performing elective, urgent, and emergently cases 24/7 at both campuses. Our general surgeons are highly sub-specialized and provide for colo-rectal, gastrointestinal, liver and pancreatic, thyroid and parathyroid, and breast surgery. Our breast program has a strong alliance with our Oncology Service Line, providing for some of the best breast cancer care and added services locally.

Our plastic surgery department provides for a wide array of cosmeic procedures and is also actively involved in both the craniofacial and breast reconstructive programs. Within plastics, we have nationally recognized craniofacial specialists treating patients from all over the world, while our breast reconstruction staff is providing for not only breast reconstructive surgery of breast tissue, but lymphatic transplant for advanced cases of lymphedema.

Cardiac surgery is currently available at Southfield, while thoracic surgery is performed at both campuses. Our specialists cater to some of the sickest heart and lung patients given the evolution of cardiac interventional and interventional bronchoscopic care.

Urology boasts cystoscopy services for both campuses, and robotic assisted cases in Southfield. Our urology tream provides for an array of care from interventional cystoscopy for stone ablation to radical prostatectomy with robot, providing for comprehensive, yet minimally invasive, urologic services.

Vascular surgery has evolved both within the radiology suites and in the operating room given current technologic trends. Both the Bi-plane and single-plane units in Southfield offer the best visualization of vessels, creating the opportunity to treat pathology less invasively than ever before. Because one of these units is available within the operating room arena, our vascular surgeons can quickly transition to open procedures when warranted.

Other surgical subspecialties on staff at Providence and providing for patient care of the our patients include ophthalmology, dentistry, otolaryngology, and podiatric surgery. Aside from the expertise we offer in the realm of surgery and endoscopy, we have specialty trained anesthesia and radiology staff to assist with surgical care and diagnosis.

Southfield further possesses a large surgical residency program, which has successfully achieved and sustained accreditation for several years now in a row. Excellence and outcome measures are core to our business within surgery. Providence embraces quality by participating with surgical quality initiatives as followed by MPRO, Medicare, Blue Cross, and the consumer.

For more information about our surgical specialties, services, and referrals, please contact:

  • Providence Hospital (Southfield): 248-849-5806
  • Providence Park Hospital (Novi): 248-465-4311

If you’re an existing patient with questions about preparing for your procedure, please contact our Pre-Surgical Screening Department:

  • Providence Hospital (Southfield): 248-849-3089
  • Providence Park Hospital (Novi): 248-465-4070


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