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Meet Our Director

A Message from Dr. Michael J. Kraut, M.D., Medical Director of the Providence Cancer Center

The Providence Cancer Center in Southfield provides state of the art cancer care in a convenient, caring environment. Located on our main campus near Nine Mile Road and Greenfield, the Providence Cancer Center is home to a radiation oncology facility with two linear accelerators, a large medical oncology practice with a full-service infusion center, and a gynecologic center. Staffed by experienced, compassionate physicians, the Providence Cancer Center provides an environment for the complete range of cancer therapies, delivered close to home.

Multidisciplinary care is the key to success when one is faced with a complex cancer problem. Our doctors, nurses, and ancillary personnel interact in regularly scheduled conferences designed to bring together the expertise needed to make the best, most comprehensive treatment plans, to give the patient the best chance for success.

We strive to provide care that treats the whole person. Cancer affects not only the patient but the entire family. Our doctors, nurses, social workers, and the rest of our care team work together to educate patient and family, reduce symptoms, reduce anxiety, and ease the fears associated with cancer and its treatment. It can be a difficult journey, but at the Providence Cancer Center, we work with you and for you.

Michael J. Kraut, M.D., Medical Director


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Providence Cancer Center Location

Southfield Cancer Center
22301 Foster Winter
Southfield, MI 48075
Phone: 866-246-4673