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Medical Student Electives - Vascular Surgery

Rotation Director:  William Oppat, M.D. 

Duration:  One month

Maximum number of students per four-week period:  One

Candidates:  Senior students of approved allopathic and osteopathic medical schools 

A multiple week course to instruct the fourth-year medical student or clinical clerk in the diagnostic and therapeutic principles of vascular surgery.

Daily activities will include:
1. Bedside teaching rounds on the vascular service – 6:00 a.m.
2. Operating room experience where the student assists in various vascular surgical procedures
3. Three days weekly in the angiography room to learn the techniques of vascular angiography – optional
4. Participation in the office practice in consulting vascular surgery
5. Participation in the teaching conferences of the hospital
6. Experience in non-invasive vascular monitoring techniques
7. Regular assigned reading periods
8. Optional participation in basic research in vascular disease

The senior student has the opportunity to do diagnostic histories and physicals as well as preliminary consultation on new vascular problems with the senior resident on the service.  He or she will also learn the writing of pre-operative and post-operative orders on the vascular surgical patient with the senior resident on the service.  The student will be under the direct supervision of the attending vascular surgeons at all times.

Objectives of the Clinical Clerkship:

  • To familiarize the senior medical student with art and science of vascular surgery at the level of the operating room and patient’s bedside.
  • To train the student in the pre-operative and post-operative evaluation of the surgical patient.
  • To acquaint the student with the office practice of vascular surgery, with particular emphasis on the new techniques of non-invasive monitoring. 
  • To acquaint him/her fully with the techniques of vascular radiology, which are the cornerstones of vascular surgical practice.


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