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Medical Student Electives - Emergency Medicine

Program Director:  Denise Shuttie, M.D.

Duration:  One month

Maximum number of student per four-week period:  One

Candidates:  Senior students of approved allopathic and osteopathic medical schools

Distribution of Student's Time:

90%:   Emergency Care
  5%:   IV Access; NG Tubes; Foley Catheters; Arterial Punctures; Suturing
  5%:   Mobile Life Support Unit, radio


The objectives of the elective in Emergency Medicine at Providence Hospital are to orient the student to the unique aspects inherent in the practice of emergency medicine.  The student is exposed to three type of patients:
1.  Emergent – Patients with life threatening conditions 
2.  Urgent – Patients in need of immediate treatment 
3.  Non-Emergent – Patients with minor illness or injury   

The student learns to make a rapid evaluation of the patient’s condition, take a pertinent history, and assist in the treatment of the immediate medical problem at hand.  Ordering and interpretation of appropriate lab and x-rays for precise and rapid determination of a treatment plan are stressed; as well as proper referral and follow-up care instructions to the patient.

The student actively participates in the evaluation and management of patients with the following medical/surgical disorders: cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory, neurological, gastrointestinal, thoracic, endocrine, general surgical, infectious disease, orthopedic, obstetrics/gynecologic and psychiatric illnesses.


The student is instructed in and/or performs:
1.   IV insertion
2.   Suturing of minor lacerations
3.   Advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation
4.   Endotracheal intubation
5.   Defibrillation
6.   Insertion of temporary pacemakers
7.   Insertion of chest tubes
8.   Slip lump exam
9.   Spinal taps
10. Reduction of joints
11. Replacement of peg tubes



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