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Medical Student Electives - Psychiatry Sub-Internship

Rotation Director:  Paul Lessem, M.D.

Duration:  One month

Maximum number of students per four-week period:  One

Evaluation:  Oral and written

Candidates:  Senior students of approved allopathic and osteopathic medical schools

Dr. Lessem will meet with each student to plan his/her elective to take best advantage of department resources to meet the student's individual needs.

Description of Rotation in Consultation Liaison Psychiatry:

Providence Hospital and Medical Center Department of Psychiatry offers a one-month rotation in Consultation Liaison Psychiatry.  This rotation is recommended to students comfortable with initiating contact with senior colleagues and managing their own schedule.  It will involve some administrative, as well as clinical activity.

 Academic objectives:

  • Expanded facility in recognizing and managing psychiatric components of inpatient hospital care
  •  Developing expertise in communication and coordination of patient care across specialty lines

Daily Activities:

1.  The student will be attached, as a psychiatric observer, for working rounds to the internal medicine resident who is rotating on that service.

2.  The student will follow the consultation patients of two designated psychiatric consultation faculty as follows:

  • Make assignments of consultation patients to the core medical students for in-depth interviewing.
  • Assign a manageable number of these patients to him or herself for in-depth interviewing.
  • The student will organize student presentations at the weekly medical student consultation rounds.  
  • The student will receive clinical supervision from the faculty with whom clinical activity is conducted and, in addition, will meet with senior faculty of the Department of Psychiatry on a three times per week basis. The schedule of these meetings will be arranged according to availability.
  • Reading assignments will be made, as appropriate.

Description of Rotation in Partial Hospitalization Psychiatry:

Providence Hospital and Medical Center Department of Psychiatry offers a one-month rotation in Partial Hospitalization Psychiatry. The objective is to observe, participate and develop skills in the treatment of psychiatric patients in an ambulatory partial hospital program through a team approach which takes into account the establishment of a therapeutic social milieu to provide a social rehabilitative experience for subacute psychiatric and psychiatric and substance abuse patients.

 One senior student will be assigned for a 4 week block to work as a member of a therapeutic team under the supervision of the Chief of Social Work, the Clinical Nurse Specialist and the Occupational Therapist.
Daily Activities:
1.      Individual meetings with patients, including intake evaluation and status conferences
2.      Co-leadership of group activities, including group therapy, didactic group therapy and recreational therapy
3.      Participation in team meetings
4.      Participation in family group meetings
5.      Meetings with family members of patients
The student’s level of involvement will be adjusted in accordance with the skills demonstrated by the student and adjusted as the student develops greater competence.
Medical supervision will be the Rotation Director and the Medical Director of the Partial Hospital Program.
Readings will be assigned.










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