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Story Ideas for Members of the Media

To arrange an interview for any of these stories, contact Brian Taylor, SJPHS media relations at 586-753-0726.

Young athletes and heart risks
Each year many young athletes die tragically from previously undiagnosed heart conditions. Dr. Marcus DeGraw, pediatrician, St. John Hospital, says many of these tragic deaths can be prevented.
Watch the video.

St. John Hospital 1st in State to Enroll Patient in Worldwide Drug-Coated Balloon Trial
Physicians at St. John Hospital and Medical Center have enrolled the first patient in Michigan in LEVANT2, a global, multicenter, randomized clinical trial evaluating the safety and effectiveness of the Moxy™ Drug Coated Balloon for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease. LEVANT 2, sponsored by medical device manufacturer Lutonix, Inc., is the first drug-coated balloon pivotal trial to be approved by the FDA. St. John Hospital is one of 55 centers around the world participating in the trial, which is expected to randomize 476 patients with diseased leg arteries. The trial will investigate whether the Moxy balloon is more effective than standard angioplasty at keeping leg arteries open and free from re-blockage over time.

St. John Hospital 1st in State to Offer Revolutionary Treatment for Complex Brain Aneurysms
Doctors at St. John Hospital and Medical Center are now using a revolutionary new treatment for patients suffering from complex large brain aneurysms. The first patient in Michigan was recently treated at SJH&MC using what’s known as the Pipeline Embolization Device.

Recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the Pipeline Embolization Device is a stent-like device that makes it possible for physicians to treat large or giant, wide-necked aneurysms, the most complex and dangerous brain aneurysms, using minimally invasive techniques.
Watch b-roll and animation.

Providence Surgeon Among 1st to Perform Total Laparoscopic Pancreatic Operation
Providence Hospital surgeon, Dr. Michael Jacobs, is one of only a handful of surgeons in the United States performing a procedure known as the Total Laparoscopic Whipple operation. During the operation, the surgeon removes the head of the pancreas, a portion of the bile duct, the gallbladder, the duodenum (the short part of the small intestine that connects to the stomach), a portion of the stomach, and the lymph nodes near the head of the pancreas. The surgeon then reconnects the remaining pancreas and digestive organs so that pancreatic digestive enzymes, bile and stomach contents will flow into the small intestine during digestion. Previously, the Whipple operation was only done via a large open incision.
Watch Dr. Jacobs discuss the surgery.