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Neuro Rehabilitation

Improving quality of life—physically, emotionally, and socially

St. John Providence Health System Van Elslander Neuroscience Center of Excellence would not be complete without our state-of-the-art neurological rehabilitation program. Our goal is to help patients return to the highest level of function and independence, and improving the overall quality of life – physically, emotionally and socially.

Our specially trained neuro rehabilitation therapists analyze gait patterns, restore functional movement and train patients with neurological disorders to walk again safely. Innovative technology and programs combined with passionate people keeps us on the forefront of the latest trends in neurologic rehabilitation.

Our technology includes:

These neuroprosthetic devices employ electrical stimulation to activate muscles and restore function in the hand or ankle/foot. They’re helping patients with MS, traumatic brain injuries, like stroke, achieve incredible outcomes.

This mobile electronic system employs Bluetooth technology for real-time gait analysis and biofeedback. The patient wears a special insole that can wirelessly communicate gait information to a computer. The Smartstep also provides auditory and visual feedback during gait training or interactive exercises.

This is a body-weight supported gait training system. Many research studies support favorable outcomes with gait, balance and motor control using body-weight supported gait training. The LiteGait system allows patients to walk on/or off a treadmill for intense gait training without fear of falling.

This system employs over 80 feet of ceiling mounted track. It’s compatible with a variety of specially designed harnesses for fall-free gait and balance training or straps for gravity eliminated extremity exercise.

This employs electrical stimulation to retrain swallow function in patients with dysphagia or swallowing impairments. We have dedicated speech and language pathology staff who have been specially certified and trained to utilize this therapeutic modality.

This robot-assisted device can be used to retrain upper extremity movement and control post-stroke or brain injuries. The Reo Go allows patients to train task-oriented reaching patterns with a virtual reality computer interface. Robotic assisted therapy is currently the subject of a tremendous amount of clinical research.


Virtual Reality Training Systems

This system uses virtual technology to train balance, core stability and functional movement patterns with interactive exercises and games.

This virtual reality system is set up in a green screen studio. Patients are actually able to watch themselves on a large TV screen as they perform exercises or games that challenges balance, extremity control and agility.


We also offer a full range of residential services to meet the needs of adults with traumatic brain injuries. Our continuum of care includes services from 24-hour supervision to as-needed community support.


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