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Patient and Family Support

Get the support you need

A neurologic disorder or injury can change a person’s life forever. Our Neuroscience physicians and nurses devote as much time as needed to educating and making sure each patient and their family is keenly aware of treatment options, potential side effects, prognosis and any other issues related to their condition.

Following treatment of a neurological disease or injury, our Medical Social Workers and Clinical Resource Coordinators will help patients assess and meet any new needs that they may have.

These professionals will help coordinate ongoing care, home health care services, medical equipment and rehabilitation, as well as offer emotional support to help cope with lifestyle changes that our patients and their families may face.

Support groups and services for patients and their families

St. John Providence Health System also offers support and services groups for patients with various neurologic conditions and their families:

Stroke Support Group

This group for stroke patients and their family members provides an opportunity for socialization and education. The group meets monthly at St. John Hospital. For more information, please call 1-866-501-DOCS (3627).

Aphasia Maintenance Group

This group offers education for stroke survivors and those suffering from other diseases or injuries that affect the ability to communicate. The group provides education and reinforces functional communication skills such as reading, writing and phone skills. Peer support and compassion are a key component of this group. The program is set up in eight-week semesters, meeting one hour each week. Please call 1-866-501-DOCS (3627) to register or for more information.

Memory Disorders

This group offers evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and residential care for patients with memory disorders including Alzheimer's and dementia.

Neurological Recovery Systems

The Outpatient Clinic reflects Neurological Recovery Systems continuing commitment to responsible, appropriate treatment and cost effective care.. For more information about care and services offered through Neurological Recovery Systems, visit us online or call 1-866-501-DOCS (3627).

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

We offer diagnosis and management of MS and other diseases affecting the neuromuscular system.

Home Care

St. John Home Care offers a full range of home care services for patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Skilled nurses visit patients in their homes to assist with teaching, medication observation, assessment of home adaptive equipment and other skilled care such as catheter changes, as well as physical, occupational and speech therapy. Home health aides may visit to assist with personal care such as bathing and meals. Respite care is available as well as companion services. Social workers are also available for home visits to offer psychosocial assistance and support. For more information, please call St. John Home Care at 1-800-248-2298.

Swallowing Disorders

We offer treatment for people with dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, a symptom that frequently accompanies a variety of diseases and disorders.

Pain Management Self Help Support Group

This support group helps patients with chronic pain educate themselves with assistance from one another and from health care professionals. This group meets monthly. For more information call 1-866-501-DOCS (3627).


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Support is so important

Patients and their families can benefit so much from groups with other people experiencing some of the same things they are.

For more information about our support groups for patients and their families, please call us:
1-866-501-DOCS (3627)

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