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Program Overview

Our Clinical Program begins in late July/early August. During the structured competency-based clinical education program, you spend approximately 40 hours a week, eight hours a day dividing your time between the classroom, the laboratory and other enrichment assignments. Your comprehensive education includes clinical laboratory theory and principles, technical and clinical aspects of laboratory analysis, medical application and correlation of clinical laboratory results, and concepts in education and the behavior sciences.In the laboratory component, you will rotate throughout laboratory areas at the many St. John Providence Health System Laboratories. Under supervision, you practice different skills and techniques specific to the laboratory you are in. This provides you with in-depth exposure to a large variety of specimens and procedures while allowing you to experience the “real” working environment and conditions. Although all students spend the same number of weeks in each rotation, students do not take the rotations in the same sequence.

The curriculum of our Clinical Program stresses the development of independent judgment, critical thinking and problem solving skills. You will be educated using actual clinical specimens, extensive case studies, the newest laboratory and instructional technology, unknown clinical challenges and a comprehensive curriculum.



The Program begins with an Orientation Period during which interns become acquainted with each other, laboratory personnel, location and environment of St. John Providence Health System Laboratories at different facilities and the structure and policies of the School of Medical Technology.

The Lecture Component of each course provides information about the technical and clinical aspects of laboratory analysis, the laboratory sciences, behavioral sciences and educational concepts. Lectures, discussions and structured activities are conducted by a variety of qualified health professionals. Seminars, workshops, audio-visual programs and intern reports and projects supplement these.

The Clinical Rotation Component of each course is divided into specific rotation periods in each division of the laboratory. Each rotation is structured to provide the intern an opportunity to learn basic laboratory skills and techniques, progressing to more advanced skills and responsibilities. Interns will also complete the competencies and undertake supplemental experiences determined by individual interest and/or ability. Each clinical rotation emphasizes quality assurance, quality control and safety procedures as they pertain to that specific laboratory area. Study questions, case studies, slides and audio-visual and computer programs enhance laboratory experiences.


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