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Tour of Birthing Facility

To set up a tour of the birthing facility at Providence Park or Providence Hospital's Alternate Birthing Center,
please call 1-866-501-DOCS.

Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum care (LDRP)

Providence Park Hospital has created new concepts in birthing services. Our care is focused on safety and quality and aligned with patient needs and desires.

We have questioned everything we do, and have asked ourselves, "Is there a better way to serve our patients and families?" We want your family birth experience to be a healthy, positive, memorable occasion.

Providence Park Hospital has 27 spacious, private rooms that accommodate all phases of the birth experience: labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care (LDRP).


While there is a newborn nursery on the unit if parents chose to use it, every effort has been made to keep mom, dad and baby together as a family unit to encourage that all important 'bonding' that occurs in the initial stages of the newborn's life.


  • At the birth, the baby will be placed on the mother's chest for skin to skin contact where initial newborn assessment can take place.
  • The Vitamin K injection that is given to newborns and the state mandated eye treatment (a petroleum jelly based product) will be delayed for about an hour so the mother and baby (and dad) can make eye contact.
  • Babies will naturally root for the nipple and begin breastfeeding in this hyper-alert phase immediately after birth. Lactation consultants (nurses with an expertise in breastfeeding) will attend the births if requested.
  • Warmed blankets and overhead warmers are there to keep mom and baby warm while they maintain skin to skin contact.
  • The baby is dried off but not bathed immediately as the baby and mother sense each other's smells.
  • There are long couches in the room and dads are encouraged to stay as a member of the new family (not just tolerated like some unwanted visitor).
  • The cribs are high, so mom can reach over to her baby, without having to get out of the bed and reach down to pick them up.
  • There will be a nap time every afternoon where magnets on the door will announce that the new family is sleeping (fatigue after a long labor and the elation of the birth is the main reason that many moms think they must send the baby back to the nursery so she can get some sleep). No interruptions will be allowed during this time.
  • If a baby develops hyperbilirubinemia (jaundice, a common transient occurrence in the newborn), in room bili-blankets or bili-beds (that provide phototherapy) can treat the baby without having to remove them from the mother's room.

LDRP Unit Highlights:

  • Patients stay in a private room and the staff "comes to them" -- rather than moving the patient around the hospital for the hospital's convenience.
  • Hallway supply closets between every 2 rooms contain 80% of the most commonly used items, which means that the nurses can stay in the area of their patients.
  • Computers both in the room and in the hallway charting alcoves, also keeps the nurses close to their patients, rather than down the hall at a 'nurses station'.
  • Patients may not have to use their call-lights to find their nurse, as hourly rounds are a standard of practice.
  • Because moms can often only have ice chips while in labor, we decided to make snow-cones for moms as a nice alternative.
  • If a C-Section is needed, there are two C-section rooms and the anesthesiologist conveniently located on the unit.

LDRP Additional Amenities:

  •  Each room has a flat screen TV and a small refrigerator in addition to the microwaves, coffee makers and refrigerators in the family lounges and nourishment areas.


  • Our support of breastfeeding as the best method of infant nutrition is strong. Along with the lactation consultants, we carry breast pumps for rental or purchase and a full line of nursing bras (34B up to a 54J) in solid black, white, peach or beige and prints that include starburst, floral and leopard patterns!


  • Meals are ordered from the "At Your Request" service that provides food that the mother chooses, delivered when she wants her meal trays. Of course, dads can get guest trays in the room as well. In addition, there is a complimentary "Stork Dinner" that the families will receive before check-out.


  • There is an in-hospital photography studio right on the unit. Portrait quality baby pictures in black and white, sepia-toned or taken on a white satin cradle with just a touch of color, (such as a pink bow in the baby girls' hair or a tiny blue teddy bear) rival the typical newborn pictures most hospitals provide. 


  • Any medications that the mom or baby might be sent home on will be delivered to the room before discharge, avoiding the need to stop at the pharmacy on the way home.



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Providence Park

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Novi, MI 48374

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Providence Park Birthing Facility

Tours & Classes

For tours or childbirth class schedules and information, please call 1-866-501-DOCS.