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Inpatient Service Locations

Our inpatient rehabilitation units, under the direction of a physiatrist, offers intensive, interdisciplinary care for recovery from orthopedic, stroke, amputation, spinal cord injury or other life-changing illness or injury. The program includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, therapeutic recreation, rehabilitation nursing services, rehabilitation case management and nutrition services.

We provide inpatient physical rehabilitation at the following locations:

Your Rehab Team

The Rehabilitation Physician will lead the team and oversee your rehabilitation program to maximize your progress. The The rehabilitation physician facilitates weekly team conferences and is also available for family conferences.

The Physical Therapist works to improve your ability to walk, get in and out of bed, improve your balance and increase your strength. There are many activities you will do in therapy, but the treatment focuses on exercise for leg strength, balance activities and walking. You may need help from your therapist when doing the above activities. The therapist might show you how to use an assistive device such as a walker, a cane or a brace if it is appropriate for you.

The Occupational Therapist works with you to maximize your independence with basic and advanced skills of daily living. Bathing, dressing, feeding, grooming, homemaking skills and safety will be addressed. Treatment may include instructions in the use of adaptive equipment, exercises for arm strength and control and working with the thinking skills needed to achieve independence.The OT will also assist with ordering equipment for discharge and evaluating the home situation as needed.

The Speech Language Pathologist works with you to improve communication skills. This can include talking, following directions, reading and writing. Memory and problem-solving are also addressed when appropriate. For patients with swallowing problems,treatment is designed to help you safely and independently eat food and drink liquids.

The Rehabilitation Case Manager acts as a liaison between team members. As a Case Manager, their goal is to make sure you are involved in the goal setting and treatment planning process. They will keep you and your family updated on your progress with feedback from the team. The Case Management staff will speak with you and your family to obtain information to better understand your current and aftercare needs.

The Therapeutic Recreation Specialist helps you to return to leisure activities, adapting them to your limitations. Through therapeutic games, community out-trips and other recreational activities, the therapist enhances social adjustment, physical and cognitive skill development, and community re-integration. During activities, the therapist focuses on factors such as safe mobility, appropriate social adjustment, discharge planning, and accessibility for leisure activities within the community. 


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