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Heart Scan: The Investment of a Lifetime

Heart Scan from St. John Health
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Most people understand the importance of investing for the future. But too many of us invest in a retirement we’ll never see. What good is a healthy retirement account without a healthy heart?

The fact is, heart disease remains the number one killer in America. A new technology within St. John Health can help provide feedback that can pay dividends down the line.

A new, non-invasive image technology

A new, non-invasive imaging technology now enables physicians to peer inside your heart and diagnose cardiovascular problems…while there’s still time to prevent a potentially life-threatening event.

Heart Scan is available at each of our Cardiac Centers of Excellence:

  • St. John Hospital and Medical Center
  • Providence Hospital
  • St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital, Macomb Center
How it works

The Heart Scan CT scanning system uses an advanced imaging technology that provides crisp, clear images of the inside of a beating heart. Until now, only an invasive, cardiac catheterization  procedure enabled physicians to “see” the heart with such detail.

For the cost of $700, you can get a complete cardiovascular CT scan that provides incredibly clear images that will help you and your physician better understand your risk of heart disease. This state-of-the-art procedure is not yet covered by most insurance companies, but don’t let that stop you. Think of it as an investment in your future!

For more information

This advanced imaging procedure is only available with a doctor’s referral. Ask your physician if Heart Scan cardiovascular CT scanning is right for you. Or call 1-888-440-7325 for more information about the procedure.



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