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Gynecologic Cancer


Most women include a gynecological exam as part of their annual health regimen, but when cancer is involved – it becomes a more serious matter. Gynecologic Cancer is defined as any cancer that starts in a woman’s reproductive organs. The American Cancer Society reports than nearly 83,000 women are diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer every year and that 28,000 women die from these cancers annually. Uterine cancer specifically is the fourth most common cancer among women and accounts for 6% of women’s cancer diagnoses per year.

There are five main types of gynecologic cancer:

Ovarian Uterine (Endometrial) Cervical Vaginal Vulvar

Each gynecologic cancer is unique, and presents different signs and symptoms. All women are at risk for these cancers, and those risks increase with varying factors including age, weight, overall health, and family history. As with any cancer, early detection and timely intervention are key.

At St. John Providence Health System, we are a Center of Excellence in Cancer Care and committed to providing women with the best care and treatment for their gynecologic cancer. The physicians and staff of St. John Providence deliver comprehensive, cutting edge treatments for gynecological cancers and ongoing post-cancer care with kindness and compassion. Our staff includes caring nurses, spiritual advisors, social workers, dieticians, interpreters and more to meet your every need. We even have nurse navigators to help coordinate your care and appointments.

Beyond our focus on medical treatment, we at St. John Providence take great care in the emotional and spiritual well being of our patients. The Healing Arts Centers at St. John Providence offer a variety of programs and resources that promote overall health and wellness beyond conventional medical practices. Our Healing Arts Centers offer therapies and classes including yoga, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, message, tai chi, reiki, reflexology, and much more. We recognize that cancer affects the entire person – both body and spirit -- and therefore take great strides in helping our patients receive the physical, mental, and spiritual attention they need and deserve.

Most importantly, we are here to help. The links below provide medical information, treatment options, and resources for each gynecologic cancer. See how our Center of Excellence in Cancer Care can help you and your families understand your options and begin your road to recovery. And remember, you are not alone. We invite you to see and hear our testimonials of women like you who turned to St. John Providence to help fight their gynecologic cancer. Like these women, you can do it – and we at St. John Providence can help.


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