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Classes & Events

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You may also browse our classes by Condition and Treatment or Sponsoring Hospital

To register for classes and events at St. John Providence Health System locations, please call 1-866-501-DOCS (3627) unless otherwise noted.


Provides individuals with an opportunity to build upon and maintain skills learned in direct treatment. Eight-week semesters.

Fee: Free

Location: St. John Hospital and Medical Center - North Shores Campus

Meets every Tuesday for one hour. Call 1-586-466-5203 for more information.

Brite Stars is a group that provides information, group socialization and recreation and support to stroke survivors and their families. Stroke survivors and their families can receive support, information, group socialization and recreation. For more information, call Group Leaders Karen Bibbins at(313) 499-4730, MarQuita C. Ratcliff at (313) 499-4745 or Gale Williford at (313) 499-4754.

Fee: Free

Location: St. John Hospital & Medical Center: Detroit (3-North - Rehabilitation Unit)

The Congregational Health Ministry holistically addresses the needs of your faith community. Providence provides a Congregational Nurse Educator to assist all faiths in developing a Health Ministry.

Fee: Free

Location: Providence Hospital: Southfield

For more information and registration call 1-866-501-DOCS or visit our website at ParishNurse.net.

FirstLine Therapy is a "therapeutic lifestyle program" designed to approach the underlying cause of many common health problems, and therefore improve health.  FirstLine Therapy integrates a smart, easy to follow meal plan, professional monitoring to individualize the program for each  patient, promotes fat loss - not muscle loss, and helps improve your health now and reduce the risk of serious health problems later.  Call 586-498-5160 to get the dates of the free introductory lectures offered monthly.

Location: St. John Center for Wellness and Family Medicine
Sponsored By: St. John Hospital & Medical Center: Detroit

Meetings are Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 7:30 PM

Location: Brighton Hospital Chemical Dependency and Dual Diagnosis Residential Treatment

An educational series for patients with prostate cancer and concerned family member, which meets four times a year. For registration, please call (248) 849-3933.

Location: Providence Hospital: Southfield

Location: St. John Hospital & Medical Center: Detroit (Van Elslander Cancer Center)

Classes will be held on the second Thursday of every month. For more information, please call 313-343-3747.

This support group is designed to provide an informal yet structured atmosphere for stoke survivors/caregivers, family and friends to share with others their experience and provide emotional and educational support. For more information and registration call 1-866-501-DOCS.

Fee: Free

Location: Providence Hospital: Southfield (Southfield)


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