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Career Profiles: Ultrasound Technician

What do they do?

Ultrasound technologists (also called medical sonographers) are able to obtain ultrasound images by the use of equipment that sends high frequency sounds waves into areas of the patient's body.  A physician then interprets the diagnostic data.

Where do they work?

Hospitals, clinics and private practices. 

Educational Requirements

Most colleges offer two and four year programs depending on the degree rewarded.  National certification (ARDMS) is required by most hospitals.

More Information

  • Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
    12770 Coit Road, Suite 708
    Dallas, TX 75251-1319
    972-239-7367 or 800-229-9506

  • The American registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers
    600 Jefferson Plaza, Suite 360
    Rockville, MD 20852-1150
    301-738-8401 or 800-541-9754

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