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Career Profiles: Registered Nurse

What do they do?

Registered Nurses constitute the largest health care occupation with 2.4 million jobs!

RN's perform specialized and skilled nursing.  They are responsible for supervising and planning the care of ill patients.  RN's often specialize in fields like post-surgical care, critical care or pediatrics.

Where do they work?

Hospitals, public health, education, homecare, hospice, physician's offices, military service, insurance, legal and private industry. 

Educational Requirements

Some colleges offer nursing programs leading to an associate's degree (3 years).  Universities offer a four-year bachelor's degree in nursing.  Graduates of these programs must successfully pass the National Council State Boards of Nursing (NCLEX) exam in order to obtain RN licensure.

Almost all nursing management positions require a bachelor's degree.

Master's degrees are required to teach and specialize. 

More Information

Want to learn more about working in healthcare? How about starting as a volunteer? Volunteering can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Learn more about our Volunteer Services Program - click here!



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